Hardware: BIOS problem with Intel DH77DF Motherboard

On Friday evening, I had a problem with the computer that I assembled, that incorporated an Intel DH77DF motherboard. Now and again I get a message saying to insert boot disk. As I already had Windows 8 installed on the hard drive, I thought there might be an issue with the BIOS.

I made a couple of changes in the BIOS, including setting the auto-entry setting. When I rebooted, I got nothing on the screen, and Windows 8 didn’t boot šŸ™

I tried changing the BIOS jumper to BIOS Configure, and could hear the Intel start up sound, but still couldn’t get in to the BIOS. I then removed the BIOS jumper, so I could attempt a BIOS Recovery.

I tried at first with a memory stick containing the .BIO file, but that didn’t work. Then tried a CD, again no joy. Then reading another post (http://communities.intel.com/thread/32793), I removed the connections to the hard drive and DVD drive, and then tried again with the memory stick.

Hooray, I got the auto-entry message, and was able to recover the BIOS by re-flashing. I put back the BIOS jumper in to the normal configuration, and rebooted. I then reset the BIOS settings, and everything is now working file.

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Updated: Wednesday, 10th June, 2015 — 4:39 pm

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