Excel: Error “HRESULT 0x800A03EC” when outputting data to Excel

Sometime ago, I wrote a Query Tool application that output data from a database into Excel.  However, in the past few days, the users have been getting the “HRESULT 0x800A03EC” exception error when running a specific query.

I knew that the application was working, because other query data was being output to Excel.

I decided to check the fields that were being output from SQL Server.  Removing the fields one by one, I was able to find that if the field value began with an equal sign (=), it would cause the exception.  Removing the equal sign from the start of the field, removed the exception error.  Yippee 🙂


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  1. I faced with very similar problem (exception HRESULT 0×800A03EC in my VSTO) upon attempt to get values from a range. Did you find the solution for this error?

  2. Hi senglory. Please could you send me know the line of code that is causing the error??

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